If You’re Reading This

The Enthusiastic Agnostic is broken up into three sections:

Keynote Articles– These articles will explore an aspect of spirituality or science with (hopefully) as little bias as possible.

Experience Excerpts– These posts will be snapshots of experiences (mine or another’s) on the journey to find truth.

Good Practice– We do exist, so we might as well enjoy it. These pieces are to inspire introspection and help practice positive mental and physical health exercises, regardless of worldview. We practice, but it may not mean we’ve mastered anything.

What is The Enthusiastic Agnostic? 

This is a project aimed to create awareness about important issues both in the world of science and the world of spirituality…because with education and communication comes unification! Yay!

What is an Agnostic?

For the most part, an Agnostic is a person who neither claims a belief in the supernatural or a belief that the world is absent of the supernatural. It’s kind of just a fancy way of saying “We’re not sure!”.

An Agnostic may be very enthusiastic about exploring the theories and possibilities involving the existence of the supernatural, or they may not be interested in thinking about or discussing these matters.

It’s Important to Remember:

While defining these terms is helpful for clear communication, it is probably best practice not to over generalize when it comes to someone’s religious identity, but rather to communicate about religious identity with patience and questions instead of  assumptions.

Who is Writing This stuff?

Hi, it’s me. I’m an agnostic person who is fascinated by both science and spirituality! I like to think and write, so I’m using those special little attributes to create (hopefully) thought provoking articles, you know, for fun.


Image courtesy of Lauren Larsen 16thandmarket