It Starts with a Short Hike

I could feel by breath against the cold air around me. With a resolution to have more adventure in my life, I found myself on a short winter hike with a small group of friends on a brisk January day. The clouds had been continuously astounding me. It had been raining a bit more frequently in San Diego (we’re not used to the rain), and the storms kept leaving behind these clouds at sunset and sunrise that would awaken something deep within me. They made me stop and marvel like a child. They made me feel small in a way that comforted me. I remember feeling like I was leaping into the day, as I watched the sunrise over the clouds on my way to our pre-hike breakfast.

A group of young twenty-somethings, we spent our hike discussing ideas about life, exchanging perspectives on various concepts we had been thinking about…and making ridiculous jokes that made other hikers turn their heads at times. And I realized that as we climbed higher up the hillside, my perspective began to change. Not only was I seeing the city we were ascending above differently, but I was thinking about it differently too. Every day I drive through those streets, pass by those houses, and I don’t give a second thought as to how it all got here. But, elevated above my day-to-day life, I got to stop and see myself from above.

It is really similar to this journey we are taking, as we are exploring beliefs, the truth has always been there but our perspectives of the truth are going to change based on the new information we learn. We might have been going about our lives looking at the world one way, and suddenly we will be lifted up to another level of thinking. And I think the more we look at our lives from a hillside, the more we can’t help but live differently on the terrain below.

This is a part of a series of Experience Excerpts that are revolved around ideas involving self-reflection and observation of our surroundings. These articles are a part of a project called “The Enthusiastic Agnostic”; the objective of this project is to explore important issues in spirituality and science and create awareness about them, you know, for fun. I also make Youtube videos for this project, which you can find here.